Daily Affirmations Will Improve Your Trading Results & Your Life » Learn To Trade

0985ea563123c8ff6ba4497c7867d748 This article is to improve both your trading and your life. Don’t believe me? Well I am living proof that the concepts in this article work. I am not just talking about trading here, I am talking about life, happiness, success and freedom. Everything I have achieved in my life or in business can be attributed to the concepts in this article in some [...]

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The ‘Most Successful’ Price Action Trader in History: Munehisa Homma » Learn To Trade

Today’s article is going to focus on the man who invented the candlestick chart, candlestick trading patterns, and whom I consider to be the “father” of price action [...]

Save $1,000 a Month with Your 401(k) | Investopedia

for 2016 are $18,000 per year for most people (more if you are older). Suppose you decide to contribute $12,000 per year at a rate of $1,000 per month? [...]

Find Your Forex Trading ‘MOJO’ » Learn To Trade

Today’s lesson is going to help you get your trading “Mojo” back and is inspired by none other than the world famous Austin Powers…”Yeah [...]

Live Trading Will Teach You More than Demo Trading » Learn To Trade

I’m all for people having a demo account to practice their trading strategy on. However, I’ve got about 15,000 students and the common denominator is that people stay on [...]

There’s More Money In Your Trading Account Than You Think » Learn To Trade

How much do you value your time? I’m willing to bet quite a lot, in fact most of us value ‘free time’ more than anything else in the world, because as we all know, our [...]

The Biology of Why You Are Losing Money Forex Trading » Learn To Trade

Important Note: If you are a young adult or middle-aged male, you need to pay special attention to today’s lesson because it’s going to provide you with some [...]

Trading Success is a Journey, Not a Destination » Learn To Trade

Life, they say, is a journey, not a destination. The same can be said of trading. In fact, this old aphorism will help you understand how to become a successful trader, if you [...]

Commodities: from pit to screen | Algorithmic Trading Articles & Financial Insight | Automated Trader

Craig Pirrong, Professor of Finance, University of Houston What's happening in commodities markets, said Craig Pirrong, professor of Finance at the University of [...]

Sentimental quant | Algorithmic Trading Articles & Financial Insight | Automated Trader

Jae Hong Kil, CEO and Portfolio Manager, Sentiment Alpha Capital Management Automated Trader: Why did you choose a sentiment analysis-focused fund? Jae [...]

Quant(um) questions | Algorithmic Trading Articles & Financial Insight | Automated Trader

Harry Buhrman, University of Amsterdam"...for certain problems the community has found algorithms that seem to be much more efficient, much faster than any classical [...]

Confidence Intervals for the Kelly Criterion | Algorithmic Trading Articles & Financial Insight | Automated Trader

John Kelly answered the question of how a gambler with an edge should act in order to maximize his bankroll growth. The resulting trade sizing scheme (the Kelly [...]

The kerf time series database system | Algorithmic Trading Articles & Financial Insight | Automated Trader

Capturing live data can be a challenge, though most sophisticated traders have some solution to this problem. Research on the captured data can be a real issue. [...]